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04.26.14 - TKK RIDE AGAIN!

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT will embark on the SPOOKY TRICKS tour beginning May 28th. They will be performing a selection of tracks from their new album, as well as some industrial disco fueled classics from their extensive catalog. Supporting the band on tour will be DJ TOXIC RAINBOW . A TKK fan since the age of 14, Toxic Rainbow is best known for his genre-breaking DJ sets and his monthly show on Digitally Imported Electro. In 2012 he won the THRILL KILL KULT “Kooler Than Jesus” remix contest, and has since done various remix work for the band and Groovie’s side-projoct DARLING KANDIE.


05.28 Ramona, CA @ Mainstage * Tickets
05.29 Hermosa Beach, CA @ Saint Rocke * Tickets
05.30 Corona, CA @ M15 * Tickets
05.31 Las Vegas, NV @ Cheyenne Saloon * Tickets
06.01 Albuquerque, NM @ Low Spirits * Tickets
06.03 Tulsa, OK @ IDL Ballroom * Tickets
06.04 Dallas, TX @ Trees * Tickets
06.05 Austin, TX @ Elysium
06.06 San Antonio, TX @ Club Korova * Tickets
06.07 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar * Tickets
06.08 New Orleans @ One Eyed Jacks * Tickets
06.10 Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly’s * Tickets
06.11 Richmond, VA @ Fallout * Tickets
06.12 Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary * Tickets
06.13 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Downstairs * Tickets
06.14 Stafford Springs, CT @ Palace Theater * Tickets
06.15 New York, NY @ Santo’s Party House * Tickets
06.17 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom * Tickets
06.18 Detroit, MI @ The Shelter * Tickets
06.19 Grand Rapids, MI @ Staches @ Intersection * Tickets
06.20 Columbus, OH @ Skully’s Music Diner * Tickets
06.21 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge * Tickets
06.22 Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall * Tickets
06.24 Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre * Tickets
06.25 Salt Lake City @ LoFi Café * Tickets
06.27 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven * Tickets
06.28 Portland, OR @ Dante’s * Tickets
07.01 San Francisco, CA @ DNA * Tickets
07.02 West Hollywood, CA @ Whisky A Go-Go * Tickets

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04.24.14 - Be part of the Spooky Experience…

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT and [DJ] TOXIC RAINBOW are pairing up to bring the heavily anticipated SPOOKY TRICKS tour across the United States this summer (2014). Continuing the band’s trend of including their dedicated fans into the TKK experience of life on the road, we are offering producers and artists of all genres to be heard in a series of unique, 30-minute podcasts being broadcast from the tour. “We accept art in all its forms,” states Toxic Rainbow. “Aside from musical content, visual artists can submit photos or drawings to be used as podcast art. We can utilize videography and animation for copies of the podcasts uploaded to YouTube”. All artists will be appropriately credited, thus helping to grow their own fan base. He continues, “This isn’t meant to be a contest, but there are certain sonic and artistic qualifications to be determined by the band, in order to be accepted into one of the episodes”.

Submissions will be taken online beginning April 23rd, using the Twitter hashtag #SpookyTricks, or by Facebook on [DJ] TOXIC RAINBOW’S wall @

If you’re a visual artist, send us a direct link to the work you wish to submit. Music producers should provide a link to their uploaded Soundcloud track. (Direct file downloads will not be accepted). The track will be added to the private Soundcloud Playlist to be considered for airtime. Toxic adds, “The playlist is private to insure that those who wish to wait until the podcast’s release, won’t be forced to upload their song publicly”,

Podcast dates will be announced during the tour, via both artists’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

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You can now pre-order the new SPOOKY TRICKS CD exclusively from the TKK Merch Store.

SPOOKY TRICKS: Track Listing

01 Room On The Moon
02 Spooky Tricks
03 Hell Kat Klub
04 Neon Diva
05 The Way We Live Now
06 Monti Karlo
07 Bella Piranha
08 Dope Freek
09 Diamonde Doll
10 Sex Witch
11 The Strange Ones
12 Room On The Moon [DJ Toxic Rainbow's Moon Shroom Mix]

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03.20.14 - SPOOKY TRICKS newz

Groovie and Buzz have been busy at STARLUST STUDIOS finishing up final touches on their new cd SPOOKY TRICKS. This will be the band’s 13th studio album and will be released May 6th on band’s own label SLEAZEBOX. Guest appearances include BOMB GANG GIRLZ Arena Rock and the sultry Viva Nova; bassist Mimi Star, guitarist Westin Halvorson, drummer Justin Thyme, and a psytrance remix by DJ Toxic Rainbow. A tour is being planned for June. Details coming SOON!

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THE KATASTROPHE KLOWN is a little project conjured up by GROOVIE MANN and JUSTIN BENNETT while Groovie was vacationing at Justin’s STUDIO 23 in Bologna, Italy. In addition to the 3 new groovy tracks, the CD also contains 4 killer remixes of last summer’s single “HELLO ALONE” from GROOVIE’S other side-project DARLING KANDIE.
Get it HERE

Track Listing:

1. Out Of The Kloset
2. Kaldo Freddo
3. Katastrophe Klown

4. Hello Alone (Killer Klown Remix) by BUZZ
5. Hello Alone (Circuit Remix) by DJ TOXIC RAINBOW
6. Hello Alone (Old Skool Remix) by DJ TOXIC RAINBOW
7. Hello Alone (Studio 23 Remix) by kETvECTOR

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SAPIC copy

10.05.13 - A LITTLE HISTORY…

So what was THRILL KILL KULT lead guru GROOVIE MANN (Franke Nardiello) up to before the band’s formation in 1987? Well… in the late 70’s he was affectionately known about Chicagoland as Franke Funn, performing with his first music endeavor, Delerium Tremins (THE D.T.’s) in 1977. The band consisted of guitarist Willie B Cool, bassist Marty Sorenson, drummer Harry Rushakoff (Concrete Blonde) and Nardiello. The group reformed the next year changing its name to SPECIAL AFFECT, and replaced Cool with guitarist Tom “Atomic” Hoffman, who was subsequently replaced by Al Jourgensen (Ministry). The band recorded a 4 song, 7” EP titled MOOD MUSIC, followed by the full length album (The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) TOO MUCH SOFT LIVING in 1980, all the while making quite a stir in the emerging Chicago punk /new wave scene, opening for such acts as Iggy Pop, The Psychedelic Furs and Wayne County.

The following year Franke moved to England and joined the London-based post-punk outfit Drowning Craze, replacing singer Angela Jaeger. He recorded 2 songs with the group – the NME and Melody Maker “Single of the Week” Trance (1981) and the track Heat in 1982. Soon after they disbanded and Nardiello moved back to Chicago to focus on his art and writings before conjuring up MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT with musician Buzz McCoy in the fall of 1987.

SLEAZEBOX RECORDS is pleased to announce the SPECIAL AFFECT album (with bonus tracks) will be available for download exclusively from the SLEAZEBOX/TKK Merch Store on October 1st.

*Unfortunately the original tapes have long been destroyed, and all tracks have been re-mastered from vinyl recordings – actually making the listening experience sound like it’s 1980 all over again!

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10.05.13 - TOO MUCH SOFT LIVING – Available Now on SleazeBox!

The SPECIAL AFFECT album (GROOVIE MANN’s first musical endeavor) is now available for download. You can get it HERE, or purchase it from iTunes, Amazon, etc. The album “TOO MUCH SOFT LIVING” was originally released in 1980, and features Groovie Mann on vocals, Marty Sorenson on bass, Harry Rushakoff on drums, and Al Jorgensen on guitar.

Track Listing:
1. Nuclear Gloom
2. Headache
3. Blondes On The Run
4. Nothing Nothing
5. Too Much Soft Living
6. What Next?
7. Cleancut
8. Bruiser Boy
9. Unbreakable
10. Killjoy Interference
11. Unbreakable
12. Vertigo Feeling (bonus track)
13. Dress Me Dolls (bonus track)

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TKK and SLEAZEBOX RECORDS is pleased to announce the re-release of EL INFIERNO: Songs From the Original 1989 “Inferno Xpress Tour”. The album contains 7 live tracks recorded on a Fostex 4-track and released only on cassette in 1990. The original 4 -Track cassette has been resurrected and digitally remastered for this re-issue, and is available from all major digital download music stores – Or get it HERE and SAVE!

The 1989 INFERNO XPRESS tour was TKK’s second tour. They trimmed the band down from 8 people to 4, and played versions of their early works mashed-up with 70′s dance music, creating the ultimates “Satanik Disko” party! The line-up for that tour was Groovie Mann (vocals), Buzz McCoy (keys), Buck Ryder (keys) and Jacky Blacque (go-go butt). This is the same show TKK took to Europe that Fall when they toured with Wax Trax! label mates KMFDM.

Track Listing:
1. Confessions Of The Xpress (Intro)
2. X Xpress
3. Swine Xpress
4. Gateway To The Xpress
5. Easy Xpress
6. The Shock Of Xpress
7. Crime Xpress

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04.06.13 - HELLO, ALONE

DARLING KANDIE will release their new single “Hello Alone” on SLEAZEBOX RECORDS April 9th.
This is the first song Groovie Mann has recorded as Darling Kandie since he and guitarist/producer William Tucker (RIP) aka Amber GuitarStar first concocted the project in 1999.TKK’s Buzz McCoy co-wrote and produced the track, and the song is available for download from all major music sites, or better yet… directly from us here! HELLO ALONE Digital Download

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SexyEvilGenius_KA_JB02.RF copy

04.03.13 - SEXY EVIL GENIUS on DVD

The indie flick SEXY EVIL GENIUS will be released on DVD and digital download on April 9th. The film is a dark comedy about an eclectic group of strangers invited to a downtown LA bar by a mutual ex-lover, Nikki Franklyn, a maddeningly sexy, unpredictable and possibly insane young woman who’s recently gotten out of prison for murdering her last ex-boyfriend. She ALSO happens to be a THRILL KILL KULT fan, and recites lyrics and references the band throughout the movie! The TKK classic song “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” is also featured. The cast includes Seth Green, Michelle Trachtenberg, Katee Sackhoff, William Baldwin and Harold Perrineau. Watch the trailer!

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