From the recording 13 Above The Night

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Pill-Krazed Music / BMI
Vocals – Groovie Mann, Jasmine Night
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy
Bass – Levi Levi

You like Satan! You are a Satan-worshipping devil! (I will not answer to your gods) You will burn in Hell, you Satan worshipping devil!

I saw Miss Hate assisting a suicide in fate-colored glasses
She thirsts for beauty, her teeth to the wind
I ran for my life, Lilith my sweet

Come and take me Electrical Soul Wish
Hold me in your arms
A place beyond shame is where we belong
Electrical Soul Wish, Electrical Soul Wish

We met only last night, and still you do not recognize my voice
Give love and receive love
Experience the doors to your mind
No matter how bizarre
You create your own brave new world
I want to turn everybody on

You expect nothing from me
Mecca for all, saying Mecca for all
Slay it with flowers of cruel destiny
Yearning for the last temptation