1. Savage Sexteen

From the recording 13 Above The Night

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Sleaze Box Music / BMI
Vocals – Groovie Mann, Jasmine Night
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy
Bass – Levi Levi
Guitar – Trash Kavity
Drums – Otto Matix

Baby blue heart
Where are you going now?
Caged and sober in medicated candy land

You are the night bird
You like it wild
You walk the beat, but you ride in style
Sleaze the moment
Untie the rope
Sweet night bird, you know the dope

Snake pit, mix-up
Addict imitation
Classic model
Strutting down the neon drag

Sexteen and you’re savage
You’re savaged and you’re sexteen

Third rate, “yes” men
Deadly smoking fate again
Crush head, king size
Sinderella Pussie cries...

Goodbye. It was nice meeting you.