1. Disko Fleshpot

From the recording 13 Above The Night

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Sleaze Box Music / BMI
Vocals – Groovie Mann, Lydia Lunch, Jasmine Night, Viva Nova
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy
Bass – Levi Levi

Calling Daddy Bad-Bad... callin’ Daddy Bad-Bad!

Kiss the mirrors that sing the blues
Heels so high, Go Scorpio, groove!
City sirens watch her move
As she rides the spirit of taboo

Callin’ Daddy, Daddy Bad-Bad
Callin’ Daddy Bad-Bad
Damn it Daddy Bad-Bad
Nasty, nasty mad man
Givin’ up the cold cash
Dirty, dirty bump jazz
Givin’ up the cash for some dizzy disco sex trash

Disko Fleshpot
Disko Fleshpot
Turn it up and make it hot

Ooh ah baby
She’s a lusty instigator
Ooh yeah baby
She’s a power love machine
Ooh ah baby
A real sleaze teaser
Ooh yeah baby
A sassy kind of thing

Now you quit licking your chops, she’s out of your class
You wanna bet?
I have a surprise for you!

Disko Fleshpot Oo-oo-oo-oo
Disko Fleshpot Ooohhh
Turn it up and make it hot