From the recording Hit & Run Holiday

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Sleaze Box Music / BMI
Vocals - Groovie Mann, Arena Rock
Keys, Guitars & Programming – Buzz McCoy

I am what I am, and I’m on fire
And I hate you ‘cuz you hate me
If you climbed inside my mind,
All you’d find is revolution
Come on, get in...

Jump into my Chevy, this time I’m gonna make it
Power-up the mainline, gonna ride it to Las Vegas
Breakin’ all the rules, and I can feel, feel the hot blood risin’

Split-level sinners are yesterday’s winners
I’m not like you, you won’t change me
Just a holiday chaser in search of my destiny
Come on, get in...

Why don’t you climb in?
Come on, get in...

Misfit believers and zodiac teasers
Shock baby skin games, surrender your soul
Flesh following arrows to avenue nowhere
Come on, get in...

Gonna ride it to Las Vegas