1. Sex On Wheelz

From the recording Sexplosion!

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by SleazeBox Music / BMI
Vocals - Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy, Kitty Killdare, Sekret DeZyre, Rhonda Bond
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy

Ooh b-baby
Sex on Wheelz
I’ll turn you on like a tiger baby
Hard body, motor city, love life
I’ll take you for a ride down the mindway baby
Be my little human sacrifice

Do my kisses burn?
Do they take your breath?
You’ve got a lesson to learn now
I’m the kiss of death!

History is written by winners baby
So let’s make a little of our own tonight
If you’re thinking that my idea of fun is a drag
Then you’ve never been to paradise

Sex on Wheelz