From the recording Confessions Of A Knife

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KOOLER THAN JESUS (Electric Messiah Mix)
Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Sleaze Box Music / BMI
Vocals – Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy, Jacky Blacque, Kitty Killdare, Viva Nova
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy

He got jealous of all the attention guys paid me
I’m the electric messiah
The ac/dc god
I’m the electric messiah
The ac/dc god
Oh-yeah, oh-yeah
Satan, Satan!
Don’t listen to them, don’t listen to them!
C-C-Cmon baby
C-C-Cmon baby you can do it
You gonna jump up and we’re going crazy a little bit ya’ll
Kooler Than Jesus
Ya know darn well they’re just manipulating you and that’s all that they’re doing
Alright, alright everything!
Kooler than God!