From the recording The Reincarnation Of Luna

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Written by Buzz McCoy & Groovie Mann
Published by Sleaze Box Music / BMI
Vocals – Groovie Mann, Cherrie Blue
Keys & Programming – Buzz McCoy

She wakes up in the mornin’ with a zodiac smile
Steps inside the body of a lost and lonely child
Made up for the mirror
With makeup like a whore
A hurricane churns in her brain
Little Miss No-Tomorrow

She’s the girl without a planet
A girl without a home
She’s the girl without a planet
An angel all alone

There’s garbage in her veins and reptiles in her head
Pretty poison nightmare with serpents in her bed
After dusk her eyes glow for the tease of sex
Play with bombs and things explode
Little Miss No-Tomorrow

It’s time to think it over
It’s time you learn to heal
It’s time you change the record
Spin the wheel

Girl without a planet
She’s the girl without a planet
Girl without a planet